Privacy Policy

Microsoft Advertising Banner Privacy Policy

Our apps will provide free usage via a built-in advertising banner, which may transmit basic regional and language information about you to the advertising banner system in order to provide you with relevant ads.  In some cases, our apps may ask your permission to also provide geo-coordinates in order to facilitate more relevant advertising content, which we will ask your permission to send this data.

User Sign In Privacy Policy


In order to store user favorites, some of our apps may ask you to Sign In.  As part of this process, in order to identify the user signed in, we will store a user ID and occasionally the user email address.  We do not, under any circumstance, provide this data to 3rd parties.  Our apps may request read & write privileges to application’s OneDrive folder in order to store user favorites and other user data to facilitate data sharing across your devices.  We will not access any data or folders other than data and folders specific to our apps.