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SoundHead™ is music artist, radio, and police scanner streaming app on Windows 10 Platforms, which includes XBox One.  An evolutionary listening experience with 3 available audio sources and more to come in the future!

Music:  Search by artist or song title, generate radio stations, and create personalized playlists

Radio:  Find popular radio stations from around the world by genre or artist

Police Scanners:  Listen to police scanners from around the globe by city or popularity

Experience free music streaming with SoundHead - available on the Microsoft Store!


International Availability


SoundHead™ offers music, radio, and police scanners from across the globe.


Elegant User Interface


SoundHead™ was designed with a focus on ease of use with its clean, sleek interface for all devices (touchscreen tablet/PC, or XBox One).  Our intuitive design encompasses a listening experience unlike any other music app on the market.

Available Platforms